3 дек. 2016 г.

An unusual experience

In September two foreign medical students came to Perm. It was Tiara from Malaysia and Daniel from Czech Republic. At first I acquainted with Tiara, because she's a future dentist and she came to study at the department of pediatric dentistry. I helped her, because she doesn't know Russian and a lot of people in Perm don't know English and don't understand her.
I showed Perm to her. While we're walking on the streets, we understood each other. It was my fist time, when I communicated with foreigner in English. It was fantastic!!!
Than I met with Daniel from Czech Republic. He's a medical student. I showed them famous places of Perm. Tiara was surprised letters of Russian, and Daniel said, that he likes russian car, which is called Zhiguli.
So I had very very nice experience of talking in English. It helped me to tell in English a bit faster and to understand people, who know this language. Thank you so much, guys!!!

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