31 дек. 2016 г.

The results of 2016

Good evening! Now I'm lying in bed and writing this letter. Yesterday I came home and...understood I falled ill. We have some hours until New Year. Although I don't have celebratory mood, I decided I have to summarize my year. I'd like to make two lists. For example, the first list will be list of "gratitude" to my 2016 and the second list will be wishes to new 2017. I think I'll spend my remaning time until New Year for it. 
So, I want to say this year have been making me happy for 366 days. I feel I've grown up. I want to say thank to my new friends and my family, my teachers and my university... I love you! You're my life and i'm sure i couldn't live without you...  I'll remember about this year. Of course, everything can change, but i hope, we'll happy too! 

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